Oops Kits! Wedding Day Kits

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These pre-made kits are all the rage right now! Comes with everything inside you might need on the big day! The trio package truly prepares you for just about anything and everything! We love a prepared bride and bridal party!

If any kit is 100% worth having — the stain kit is AMAZING — gowns are delicate and the worst thing is getting something on the gown or tux before the bride or groom walks down the aisle and you can’t get it out! Especially with so many brides doing pre-ceremony photos — the stain kit is 100% worth the investment! 

The Trio- All Three Kits - $119.00

1 Bridal Kit $39.00

1 Tux Kit $39.00

1 Stain Remover Kit $45.00

Each kit can be sold separately.


Oops Kits! Wedding Day Kits
Oops Kits! Wedding Day Kits